"Art teaches the perception of beauty. It is essential to the very soul of man. Without it we would surely perish."   





World Nouveau Inc. and its subsidiary, Mischievous Muse Press are proud to be an environmentally friendly "green" alternative to traditional publishing, with a focus on saving paper, trees, and other valuable resources. The future of books, and our world, depends on it.


• To discover those rare gems of the literary world; superbly written books that have failed to attract the attention of a larger publisher due to the restrictive attitudes of the publishing industry.

• To provide the opportunity for our authors to see their dream of being published become a reality, without sacrificing their rights as creator/ owner of their work. And for our team of unique and brilliant individualsstriving to make World Nouveau Inc. a great company and a great place to workto grow within a nurturing and supportive environment that allows each individual to pursue his or her own personal dreams while, through our joint efforts, contributing positively to society and humanity.

• To make everyday conscious decisions that will preserve our precious natural resources.

• To make great books inside and out, and then make them available to the world.

Company Philosophy

Passion. Integrity. Compassion. Creativity. Positive attitude. Perseverance.

Publishing Philosophy

A book has a life of its own and its own innate timeline. Deadlines are sometimes necessary, but not always practical. We try to honor every book's natural evolution. If an author needs more time, we give it, if an editor requests another month, we grant it. When the book is READY, we publish it.

Corporate Motto

"Never quit until you're dead, and maybe not even then."

Thank You for Your Interest in World Nouveau Publishing!